About Us

We are the best-in-town MMA gym, focusing on a regimen of various health benefiting cross- functional activities and martial arts. Our main interest is to focus on flexible, result oriented workouts blending fitness and martial arts. The idea of opening a gym that offers MMA is the combined idea of our founders who witnessed personally several health improvements by integrating martial arts and fitness. Our motto is ‘TRAIN UNIQUE’ thus providing fitness solutions catering to the needs and age groups of different people. We are a group of martial art practitioners joined together to bring positive change in the health practices of people through physical exercises. We also conduct various workshops that signify the health advantages of martial arts. Many people are unaware about the different simple lifestyle improvements that fitness provides. Hence our job here is to spread that awareness.

Our instructors

We believe in quality and hence follow stringent practices while selecting instructors for our facilities. We only employ certified instructors. We believe in equality and hence willing to embrace qualified instructors irrespective of race, ethnicity and color. Apart from professionalism, our instructors are caring humans who understand the different challenges faced by different individuals in practicing fitness exercises. Hence they try to ease their difficulty by suggesting easy yet effective practices suiting to individual’s needs. We do not encourage any form of harassment be it physical or mental and hence spend considerable amount of time in conducting a thorough background check of our instructors before employing them. However, during unforeseen forbidden conditions, we are here to oblige and take necessary actions after thorough investigations.

What do we provide?

We are proud to offer certified training on different MMA activities like Western Boxing, Brazilian-Jujitsu, Judo and Submissive Wrestling. We also provide a unique combination of workouts combining martial arts and fitness, for both the beginner and the advanced levels. We also offer training to kids thus encouraging them to embrace fitness at young age.
We are here to instill positive healthy change in you.



Health benefits of hitting gym

Exercising over gyms offers whole lot of health benefits such as,

Health benefits of martial arts

Martial arts provide us with unbelievable health benefits encouraging every one of us to embrace it.

Origin & History

Martial Arts are one among the oldest physical activities.